Thursday, October 30, 2014

"Treasured Cameras" - Beautiful Portraits of Film Cameras by Julian Calverley

Part promo piece & personal project, UK based photographer Julian Calverley has compiled a beautiful portrait series entitled Treasured Cameras of some of his favourite film cameras.

Each camera was photographed by using a Contax 645 & IQ180 back, and then edited by using an iPhone and Snapseed, before being uploaded to Calverley's Instagram feed. Unfortunately, him posting them to his feed with the hashtag #iphoneonly lead people to think he took the photos with his iPhone, which isn't the case. But the fact that he was able to edit them to look this good using Snapseed is mighty impressive.

Ebony Ti SV45TE

Nikon F3


Contax 645


Nikon F2A

(All images © Julian Calverley, via Imaging Resource)

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