Friday, October 3, 2014

Takuya Hyogo - 5 things I love about Film

Takuya Hyogo is a 24 year-old Japanese photographer, based-in Tokushima. He started photographing when he entered university with a cheap digital compact camera but really has shot on film for 5 years with his frist film camera Nikon FM2.

Takuya who was featured on Shooting Film some days ago came back to share 5 reasons he loves about film.

1. Just funny shooting simply.

2. Produce different changes by a film or camera used. I feel the warmth in the photos taken with a film camera. Especially portrait photos.

3. It is necessary to manually setting, it is possible to learn from the photos.

4. Simple cameras despite were made ​​long ago, they were made in advanced technology, do not require a large battery. I feel attracted to such a simple camera.

5. It is impossible to erase the photos taken, it must be taken carefully.

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