Sunday, October 19, 2014

Polina Washington - 5 things I love about Film

Polina Washington is a 23 year-old photographer, from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. She first got into photography at the age of 15 with a simple digital camera but currently she shoots mostly portrait on film combined with incredibly amazing multiple exposure method which was based on inspirations and ideas from natural landscapes (most of them in the woods) and her dreams.

Polina who was featured on Shooting Film some days ago would like to share with us main reasons that make her still love shooting film.

1. Shooting film is a magical game: you imagine your future shot, do it and then can only guess the results and it's not the way you've fancied. Definitely, it's worth it!

2. I love film because of multiple exposition. Now it's not very difficult to do it with a digital methods: you can use any photo-edit program or just have  a camera with a multi-exposure mode. But digital multiple exposure image is ALWAYS mixed from two or more pictures. Shooting several exposes on film makes a single one complete image. The structure of the film connects layers in a very special way so you have exactly ONE image as a result.

3. When you have 36 (or 24) shots on your film, all them connect in a small visual story. I like imaging that I "collect" places, people and moments on one roll. It's a visual chapter of the book of my life.

4. Sometimes I experiment with soaking film: no chance to do the same with digital of cause. Film has "alive" structure so you can affect or transform it with heat or liquids for a change.

5. A very special aura exists around shooting film. Almost everyone nowadays has a possibility to capture moments but those who still shoot on film bring own mythology into being through their photographs. I like the way discovering and observing those individual visions of the world.

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