Saturday, October 11, 2014

Meeting Places - Stephanie Rose Wood

Stephanie Rose Wood is a freelance photographer and assistant based-in London, who is always working on her own projects and developed on film. Stephanie has an ongoing project which has been running for about four years called A Sudden Flash of Alchemy. All the photographs are taken using her large format field camera and Ilfords Direct Positive Paper. “I travel as much as possible. In 2012 I produced a series in Sri Lanka on large format which told the story of human rights workers in Sri Lanka,” she says of her photo project.

On the next 6th November, 2014 Stephanie will open her solo exhibition which is being held on Columbia Road in London - a famous street for its flower market.

The show - Meeting Places - is a collection of photographs produced in South West India earlier this year. All are shot on Kodak Portra 160, combining the use of a large format field camera and a small inconspicuous 35mm camera, a Rollei 35 SE. “The photographs were not taken out of need to tell a particular story,” she says. “It is simply about a personal need to hone down my skills as a photographer. It is the first time I have worked entirely on colour (black and white film has always been a lot safer for me). In fact, the entire experience, from travelling to an unknown country to using a drum scanner for the first time, came from a personal need to challenge myself.”

The photographs were taken whilst she was travelling from Mumbai to the southern most tip of India, by local buses and sleeper trains. “I was mainly interested in public spaces and places of historical importance, where people congregate and meet,” she adds. “I was also interested in trade and peoples connection to the land.”

You can find more of Stephanie's work on her website and or A Sudden Flash of Alchemy blog. Remember to visit her exhibition in London if you have a chance too.

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