Monday, October 20, 2014

Me and My Few Film Cameras

For analogue photographers, to have a favourite film camera is a great pleasure. Some of them are really lucky and happy people when owning more than one.

Aiming by Lefty Jordan

cameras by Loray

Weapon of Choice: Charlie II by Suguru Nishioka

double colour. double fun. by NoiRcORNEr

"It's Me....Enjoy" -Mr. Mike J by DowntownRickyBrown

#365 My world [31/12/11] by

03/52 Prepared by Mister Oy

Selfie with analog cameras by pinterpi

me by fotografm

Yoshi's Children by Monz

Here on Shooting Film, we're also running a project called "Me and my film cameras" showing some of interesting portraits of film photographers with their cameras. If you shoot film and want to share pictures of you with your film cameras, please don't hesitate to submit your pictures here or shoot us an email at Thanks!

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