Monday, October 27, 2014


The lion is one of the five big cats in the genus Panthera and a member of the family Felidae. With some males exceeding 250 kg (550 lb) in weight, it is the second-largest living cat after the tiger. Lions live for 10–14 years in the wild, while in captivity they can live longer than 20 years. In the wild, males seldom live longer than 10 years, as injuries sustained from continual fighting with rival males greatly reduce their longevity. Wild lions currently exist in sub-Saharan Africa and in Asia while other types of lions have disappeared from North Africa and Southwest Asia in historic times. They typically inhabit savanna and grassland, although they may take to bush and forest.

Hereunder are some analogue images of lions.

Haɖa by O9k

Lion by no.zomi

AFRICA - Lazy afternoon by BoazImages

The King by tfjunction

AKIRA by Eyeʂ

Lion Cubs @ Samburu by efdixon

Lions by saviorjosh

Aslan by Tara Kinsley

The Queen by Oṃ Namaḥ Śivāya

Serengeti Trip 2 - 2000 by Jomoboy

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