Sunday, October 12, 2014

Kodak Brownies Shoot at the American Motors (AMC) Rambler Car Show

Bob Wilson is a film photographer based-in Boston, Massachusetts. His father worked as a photographer in the 40s and 50s, and was a big twin lens camera fan. Wilson got all of his cameras together, and got them all cleaned and working, when he passed at 86 in 2011. “He showed me how to develop film when I was younger,” he says. “After he passed, I got back into shooting/developing film. Originally, with the intent of shooting some photos of my then, 9 year old twin girls, with the cameras my dad shot our family photos with (I am one of 9), then I started to really get into it. I had a collection of various cameras from our family, yard sales, etc, so I started shooting film with as many as I could.”

The Brownies that he used were: Brownie Flash 20 (light blue model), Brownie Twin 20, Brownie Relfex 20 (all 120 film - originally 620 film), Brownie Starflex (127 film), and the Brownie Fiesta (127 film). You can see his Brownies in front of the Ramblers in the photos below:

Another one of his hobbies is the being a member of the American Motors-AMC Rambler Club. His father was always a Rambler AMC car guy, so he knew them well. And here are the Brownie car show photos taken by Bob Wilson in July 2014:

See more of Bob Wilson's work on his website here.

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