Friday, October 3, 2014

Flickr Samplr #45: Selfeet

Selfeet is one's own feet which were shot by oneself. That can be a photo of the feet with a pair of new or colourful shoes, or a pair of bare feet.

Hereunder are some analogue interesting photos of selfeet which may help us to better understand.

My shoes belongs to the sea, and fishes are dancing for that by tungsnake

Toronto Island, Gibraltar Point Beach by .grux.

Untitled by Blue Spine

25 years old ! by Hello i'm Wild !

Quilt made by my mom <3 by sweetnothings_

on my feet by João Carmo

000014 by Leavethelies

Feet & Sandals by Art is life playing to other rhythms

Camouflage & altre menzogne - You have freedom when you’re easy in your harness by 42andpointless

"the way i envision you" by reza tool

preview by iamtheatombomb

embraced. by La Vinia

instant film by La fille renne

. by Rơi

Revolver. by Merra Marie

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