Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fishing under the Sunlight

Fishing is the activity of trying to catch a fish. Fishes are normally caught in ponds, lakes, rivers or the sea. Fishing does not only help us to relax but also train the patience. So, let's try to go fishing once at least in free time to enjoy feelings that it brings!

Lone fisher by SyngenBingham

Fishing Flare by roostercoupon

Fisherman, New Symrna Beach, FL by Matt_Benson

Untitled by Tommy Tomickey

fishing by MigRodz

Catching some sun by Rodrigo Neves - Catching up with your great work s

Poole Fisherman by james_whitty

sunset fishing. steeplechase pier, coney island by Barry Yanowitz

fishing at sunset by Vsevolod Vlasenko

Fly Fishing at Cape Lookout by deepminnow

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