Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Drew Amyot - 5 things I love about Film

Drew Amyot is a 25 year-old Canadian photographer, based-in Nova Scotia. He first got into photography in 2008 with a Nikon D40 “when seeing photos from my friend Peter Currie who picked up his fathers Minolta X370.” But soon switched to film and started shooing with a Pentax K1000(which had a broken light meter) and then he bought a Pentax ME Super that was his main camera until the middle of 2014.

Drew currently shoots with a Nikon F4s. “It's a beautiful and hulking camera. I love its extra muscle and functionality, but still miss my little Pentax.” His photos are mostly landscape, portrait, and still life and today he would like to share with us few main reasons that make him still love shooting film.

1. Limits. I believe that limits help encourage understanding, and film photography is full of limitations. Being limited to 24-36 exposures forces you to take every shot seriously, to really stop and focus on your exposure/composition. You are also limited to one iso at a time, forcing creative solutions to inappropriate lighting situations. Digital photography rewards trail and error, while film rewards learning and understanding.

2. Quality of negative/slide. Film gets in a lot trouble for being expensive, but start up cost is cheap, and has a huge advantage. Old film cameras with great glass can be purchased for around 100 dollars. These cameras typically have high quality prime lenses when purchased, and can create high quality negatives/slides. Yes, you may not be doing your best work when you start, but you can get lucky. Ten years later, those hidden gem negatives can create publishing quality images.

3. Film types. We get a whole range of films to choose from when shooting. I have a favourite for (Fuji Superia 400), (Ektar 100), (Portra 400NC).

4. Film Grain.

5. Attention/Film cameras are beautiful. This one is not important, but it is funny. I get stopped all the time from people complementing me on my camera. This gives me an excuse to chat with strangers about film photography.

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