Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Chiara Baldassarri - 5 things I love about Film

Chiara Baldassarri is an Italian photographer, based-in Rome. She shoots both film and digital. "Although have just shot on film for a few months, but I always love analogue photography. It is very important for me."

Chiara, also known as sullen_snowflakes on Flickr, would like to share with us "5 things I love about Film".

1. Analogue photography is magic, and looking at an analogue photo is like to be transmitted unique sensations: peace, joy, melancholy...

2. The results are often beautiful surprises. Analogue photography is never perfectly predictable.

3. You can use many different films, for different results. This is fantastic.

4. There are many different photographic cameras, collecting them is funny, and each camera is a new fabulous experience.

5. Analogue photography is a "teacher", you learn many things about photography. Thanks to it.

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