Thursday, October 16, 2014

Beautiful Portrait Film Photography by Danny Edwards

Danny Edwards, a 33 year-old English photographer, is also a graphic designer based-in East Yorkshire. He has been shooting since he was about 16. Although shooting mainly with film, he also uses digital for work and sometime with his Iphone. "Film is what I prefer, and there's a few different reasons for this. Mainly, it's the process I enjoy. It feels more real when you know you've captured something on a piece of physical celluloid. It's more exciting wondering if it will come out or not rather than seeing it straight away like with digital." He says.

Danny currently uses a variety of film cameras, he shoots everything around but most of them are people and nature. "I prefer the aesthetics of film photographs, I like the grain, unpredictability and imperfections. Often I'll shoot a roll of film and look forward to seeing the shots I think were good at the time, only to find I prefer the ones that are blurred, underexposed or bleached with light leaks." He adds.

Especially he also loves cross processing and double exposure photography.

See more of his work at:

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