Sunday, October 19, 2014

Stunning Portrait Film Photography by Danielle Tineke

Danielle Tineke is an American photographer, based-in Chelsea, Michigan. She shoots mostly portrait in stunning blurry scenes with film only. “I have been submerged in the magic of nature since a young girl. I grew up in the middle of forests and fields, we had (and still do have) a wood-burner that heats the house in the cold months. My dad would hunt for food, we would have vegetables growing and I would show them off proudly at the 4-H fair in the summer. I think that was and still is my biggest inspiration in life, the dreams were like quality of my childhood. My upbringing shaped how I view the world.” She says.

Danielle who obtained the Bachelor of Science got into photography because “I could capture a moment that wouldn't escape – a moment I could create with my own hands and the electricity in my mind. My photos are a living memory, a tangible thing that I can stare at and not only relive old thoughts, but create new pathways in my mind to forests, full moons and wood-witches roaming the hillside. They can be translated any way you would like; they are intended to be a portal from your surroundings.” She adds.

Danielle Tineke has used mainly expired film combined with some creative photography methods in her photos as: using bits of broken crystals to create effects, soaking film in brandy, essential oils and crushed herbs. In addition, she also loves multiple exposure method, especially double exposure film photography in her photos.

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