Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Creative Art Work Photography by Claudio Parentela

Claudio Parentela is a 52 year-old Italian photographer, based-in Catanzaro where he is currently living and working. He is also an illustrator, painter, mail artist, cartoonist, collagist, journalist free lance...Active since many years in the international underground scene, he has collaborated with many zines, magazines of contemporary art, literary and comics in Italy and in the world.

For Claudio, photography is only a part of his daily work, but it's always the most important. He often shoots then cuts and combines few parts together or draws on to make a lot of amazing abstract photos. Although his photos are usually difficult to understand but funny and always fascinate viewers.

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  1. I haven`t seen such photos before! I will definitely check out some more works by this Italian photographer. Also, here you can check out some of my works which you can find at handmade writings