Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Film Photography by Andile Buka

Andile Buka, a 24 year-old photographer, is also a self-taught artist living in Johannesburg, South Africa. He shoots on film only. "Film gives me an opportunity to be patient because I don’t have the instant gratification of digital photography. Film is slow, and precious. I cannot take a thousand photos and I often only take two or three. I appreciate the process of using film – it takes time, patience, and effort. Something that I hope and believe is reflected in my work." He says.

Andile loves to shoot everything around but "really enjoy capturing people in their spaces, be it in a taxi rank, cross road, mini bus, in a queue waiting for a 16 seater mini bus to take them to work. Shooting strangers is also my ongoing project. l pick up so much energy whenever I'm in these spaces and engaging with the people. Photography allows me to get a glimpse of people's emotions at that time or a slice piece into their world without them even knowing at times." He adds.

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