Saturday, September 13, 2014

Viviana Levrino - 5 things I love about Film

Viviana Levrino is a 34 year-old Italian photographer, based-in Turin. She started taking pictures 10 years ago but really shooting film for 5 years and since then she has shot mostly on film with 35mm, 120mm and instant films.

Viviana, also known as ViannaVi on Flickr, who had been featured once on our website today came back to share main reasons that make her love shooting film.

1. Shooting film it's like a magical moment, every shoot is deeply meditated and you must wait for discover the surprising results.

2. Films have their own soul, they are alive.

3. The imperfections, the light leaks, the grain, the unique and original colours.

4. The vintage and nostalgic feelings.

5. The smell, the sound, the touch of the films...Work with films it's a synesthetic experience.

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