Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Perspective in the graphic arts, such as drawing, is an approximate representation, on a flat surface (such as paper), of an image as it is seen by the eye. The two most characteristic features of perspective are that objects are drawn:
+ Smaller as their distance from the observer increases.
+ Foreshortened: the size of an object's dimensions along the line of sight are relatively shorter than dimensions across the line of sight.

A small collection of analogue photos about perspective below will help us more understanding.

Into the Distance by homatthew

Doubletree Holga by [ kasari ]

The Infinite by Andrés Medina

live in square by Jen Son

Armored Wall by SychiO

Hole in the Sky by Kenneth Ipcress

. by Stephen Edwards.

Amtrak Maintenance Yard 2 by tobysx70

Perspective by Thomas Tissot

Blurred Lines - Yeah I know. by marq4porsche

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