Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Michael Stockton - 5 things I love about Film

Michael Stockton, a 32 year-old photographer, born in the North-East of England but currently living in Berlin, Germany. He graduated from the University of Brighton’s Editorial Photography course in 2006.

Michael who was featured once on Shooting Film about a half year ago shoots mostly on 6x6 medium format and 35mm, especially loves black and white photography. Today he would like to share 5 main reasons that make him always love shooting film.

1. I have only ever shot film for my own work. The process to me is still mysterious. It still surprises me. Nothing on the roll may be of any interest, then suddenly at the end there is an image there that just works and seems completely different to the rest. This unconscious 'happy accident' would not have happened using a digital process.

2. We all know that digital photography is a process that is generally cheaper, easier and faster. But I want to take my time and consider the image, work out the different possibilities before I press the shutter.

3. When I have shot digitally I have noticed that I change my way of working, I become more of a perfectionist. I forget that the things that excite about photography are often its imperfections. Using film feels more intuitive and natural. I love the excitement of getting the negatives back and seeing how the final image differs from what I imagine, for better or worse.

4. I understand the camera. I understand the process of how the light reaches the film. Analogue cameras are beautiful objects because of this simplicity.

5. There is no going back. You need to be sure of what you want to do and have an idea  of a final result. You can't shoot something, look at it and take it from there. It takes more of an understanding and knowledge of what you are working with and it's limitations.

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