Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lady in Black

"Lady in Black" is a song by the rock band Uriah Heep. It is the fourth track of their 1971 album Salisbury. The song is credited to Ken Hensley. "It tells the story of a man wandering through war-torn darkness and encountering a goddess-like entity who consoles him."

The song is Uriah Heep's most "listened to" song on with more than 15,000 hits and also a source of inspiration for us to feature some beautiful analogue photos of "lady in black" below.

Girl in the forest by Oleh Slobodeniuk

Untitled by alison scarpulla

valse funèbre by the ghosts I summoned

frozen heart by the69th

Untitled by Mariam Sitchinava.

Untitled by Dennis Auburn

Untitled by Maria Kazvan

Mirror vi by Can Dagarslani

Untitled by Aëla Labbé

Strolling Through the Forest by Anna Marcell

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  1. Caitlyn@techdealsmagSeptember 17, 2014 at 6:18 PM

    It's cool that his interest in photography actually grew out of a need to capture the events that he was seeing around him. I don't think the role of documentary photography in the development of artists is celebrated as much everywhere you go. There's emphasis placed on good photography tools and staged photos in settings but not as much on the development of work of ordinary people who use it as Jon first did.

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