Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I Shoot the Sun

For photographers, golden time is one of the most wonderful moments in photography. It's usually the period of sun-up (sunrise) or sun-down (sunset). That's the reason why most of shooters always want to catch it.

Hereunder are some interesting analogue photos of photographers who were waiting to shoot the sun.

sun goes down by maru ゜

::: by Cameron Williamson

Into the purple by (davide)

Me & My SX-70's Sunset Silhouette Portrait by Brock5604

Circle of Rainbow by junki15

shooting when the sun sets by Benjamin Skanke

Good morning! by doistrakh

Untitled by Abby Billington

◯ by Tattyunboy

s u n b u r s t p o l a r o i d g i r l by dynamitemissj

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