Sunday, September 21, 2014

Classic Film Cameras Made of Concrete by Alex Stanton

Alex Stanton is a self taught artist based-in Cleveland Heights, OH, USA. He prefers working in concrete because the medium is so permanent and impressionable. Every camera he made on his Etsy page is 100% concrete and the concept is that these cameras are fossils of technology as if they were somehow petrified and dug up thousands of years from now. "I absolutely love everything about the beauty and function of older film cameras," he says. "The concept is these gorgeous film cameras are somehow petrified and this is what you find when they’re dug up thousands of years from now. Petrified pieces of art..."

Stanton uses a special blend of concrete and additives to capture as much detail as possible. "I either leave the cameras in their raw concrete state or finish them in a metal infused paint then add a patina to them. Since I’m using real metal the patina is legitimate oxidation." - He explains of his work.

All of these amazing film camera sculptures are available to purchase on Stanton's Etsy page.

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