Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cameron Hoerth - 5 things I love Film

Cameron Hoerth is an American photojournalist documenting teenage life, based-in Wisconsin. He first got into photography in 2011 with a Canon A-1 camera. "From there on I went to take lots of portraits of people and still do to this day. I'm more of a journalist photographer since I've shot with the Fuji X-series and Voigtlander rangefinders. I try to capture good moments and memories with my friends while getting the feel and look of teenage life." He says.

Cameron who is currently working with both digital and film would like to share main reasons that make him love shooting film.

1. Film is still up to par with digital and you have so many different films you can use to get different looks without using photoshop.

2. I'm more patient when I shoot film. It slows me down because I only have 24 or 36 exposure.

3. My style is different from shooting film. With digital its click and go and film I have to think about what I want in that 50mm frame.

4. Film Grain. I absolutely love the grain of the film. Its a very organic look and I think nothing can replicate it.

5. With film I control everything. I can push and pull the film. Over develop it or under develop it. I can create double exposure. Everything is a variable that I can change. I'm a very hands on person and with film I feel at home.

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