Friday, September 12, 2014

Beautiful Instant Film Photography by Maija Karisma

Maija Karisma is a Finnish instant film photographer, currently living in a small town named Forssa. The first touch of her instant photography took place in the mid-90s, but she seriously started to photograph instant film only a few years ago. "I mainly photograph on instant film, especially with expired Polaroid films. I use old films because I am fascinated by how these films create a special entrancing fantasy colors and tones. Using these films is like Christmas, you don’t know in advance what to get, it is always a surprise. Sometimes disappointed, but in most cases it amaze." She says.

Maija mostly shoots everything in her small hometown, "it's a small colorful world. I enjoy a few different cameras, especially Polaroid 180, Graflex Crown Graphic and Polaroid SX-70 cameras." She adds.

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