Friday, September 19, 2014

Awesome Bokeh Film Photography by Lefty Jordan

Lefty Jordan is a Chinese full-time wedding photographer, based-in Hong Kong. He mostly uses digital for work because "I must deliver what our clients want, so it’s unfortunately too risky to have jobs done with films." But he often uses film cameras to shoot for fun, "also to create something arty and it's the best way of training for myself to not rely on multiple shots when I’m holding a digital camera." He says.

"The reason I started with film was simply because back in the time, there were only APS-C digital cameras in the market and the only way to go “full-frame” was film cameras. That’s what made me purchase my first used camera - a Nikon FG-20 which is in fact a low end model SLR, very basic. However because it’s very basic, I got a good training on how to work with limitations." He adds.

Jordan loves to shoot on film at gold times and night. He shoots everything with naturally stunning light and always makes awesome bokehs in his photos. "I’m so in love with the imperfection of film images, we get different colour tones of different films, the grains, the burning effect, some strange vignetting, bad developing, there might as well be some surprises from the vintage cameras and lenses."

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