Thursday, September 11, 2014

Beautiful Black and White Portrait Film Photography by Jean-Marc Aznar

Jean-Marc Aznar is a thirty-something year-old French photographer born and raised in the South of France near Nice. "I have always appreciated to have a camera in my hands trying to turn some precious moments in lasting memories. But it's when I bought my first digital camera ( which was also my first proper camera in fact ) that I really embraced photography as a way to express myself, then I switched back to film photography in 2009 for all my human-based work." He says.

Jean-Marc, also known as lizardking_cda on Flickr, shoots mostly on film. His photos are usually about portrait, especially women in black and white. "What interests me the most is trying to pull emotion from a person, see behind the physical appearance, digging the personality." He adds.

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