Saturday, September 27, 2014

10 Beautiful Vintage Kodak Camera Advertisements from the 1910's

In February 1900, the first of the famous Brownie cameras was introduced. It sold for $1 and used film that sold for 15 cents a roll. For the first time, the hobby of photography was within the financial reach of virtually everyone. Here, we present a small collection of 10 beautiful vintage advertisements of one of the first Kodak Brownie cameras in the 1910s.

Between Friends- A Kodak, ca. 1910s

Kodak as you go, ca. 1910s

Give a Kodak, ca. 1910s

Have your Kodak handy, ca. 1910s

Kodak, as you go, 1917

Prove it - with a Kodak, 1918

Kodak, as you go, 1919

Kodak, 1919

The Kodak Album, ca. 1910s

There's Cheer in the Pictures from Home, 1918

(All images via Duke University Libraries Digital Collections)

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