Friday, August 1, 2014

Unique Film Photography by Phyllicia Wang

Phyllicia Wang, a Singaporean photographer and graphic designer, has just graduated photography from Arts, Design & Media (NTU). She Started shooting when she was 17 and has constantly been influenced by works seen in commercial photography and photojournalism. She thus exploit photography as a form of escapade and treating it as a tool to present reality.

Today, Phyllicia would like to share her recent project called "FUSE". It's an architectural project with unique film photos that were shot by Mamiya RZ67, using 120mm Kodak Portra, with a mixed variation of ISO 160 and 400.

"I have decided to use film over digital because I wanted to achieve a painterly quality as well as intentionally giving my artwork a rather flat dimension, where perspective, also portion of the buildings have altered through digital post processing."

  See more of her work at her website.

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