Friday, August 1, 2014

Self Portraits in a Jet Fighter by Frits Rotgans

The Dutch photographer Frits Rotgans is famous for his panorama photographs. He was trained as a commercial designer and started to work with photography as an amateur in the 1930s. Having studied the basics of photography on his own, Rotgans explored various techniques. He experimented with colour photography, and in 1942 made hundreds of colour slides of the German occupation in Amsterdam – a unique photographic and historical document.

After the war, as a self-trained photographer Rotgans developed into a much sought-after professional. His photographs are distinguished by thoroughly created idea, well adjusted composition and impeccable technical production. Among Rotgans' favourite subjects were the harbors of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, inland navigation and air traffic. Among his clients were big companies like dockyards, the Royal Dutch Airlines and the municipalities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

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