Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pine Cone in My Hands

Pine cone is a small part, but most important of pine tree. In common with other members of the class Gymnospermae, pine trees have no flower or fruit. Rather, the ovule (and later the seed) are "naked" (gymno = naked, in Greek) and are, in all members of the Pinaecae family, wedged between the scales of a woody "cone", so named because it is generally cone-shaped.

Hereunder are some analogue photos of "lovely pine cone in my hands".

here, have some pine cones for the way... by ferra de sousa

Jeffrey Pine by .kws.

Untitled by scyll24

&what we found there by T. McKinney

Cone in hand by Andre Easter

thank you nature by erinbarker

Pinecone by Kacie Robertson

pines~ by Taylor Whitehurst

pine cones in the bluebell woods by JennyOphoto

Untitled by Girl With Butterfly Wings

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