Friday, August 1, 2014

Ozan Mutlu Dursun - 5 things I love about Film

Ozan Mutlu Dursun, a 23 year-old Turkish film photographer, based-in Istanbul, is a student of Communication Design at Kadir Has University. He started to take photographs when he was 12. After a long time using digital cameras, he has turned to use film cameras completely.

Ozan is always interested in photography and graphic design, he uses most of analogue cameras in his works as: Kiev 60, Lubitel-2, Zenit 122 and Nikon FG. "For me, the first principle of photography is having fun while doing it."

Ozan Mutlu Dursun often shoots scenery and portrait, especially multiple exposure and now he wants to share with us his reasons that make him love shooting film.

1. It has character.

2. It is experimental.

3. It does not forgive mistakes.

4. It makes you patient.

5. It's alive.

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