Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Old Door Locks

An old door lock is a mechanical fastening device which is often used to lock a door in a long time or was made from many years ago. Of course it's till useful now.

And here are some analogue images of them.

Lock what? by The Old Penfold

Locked door of a typical street-side shop in Thailand by Dr Joke

let me out by microabi

* by Ellen Wong

gaz by el crater

Lock - N&W Signal Department by photo_secessionist

Chains by mari prado

The things that keep us safe by Dani Irwan

this is " org kedah " call PEDAI AYAM :) by + Yusuf +

Crown and Squire by Tales of a Flaneur

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  2. The modern fingerprint door lock also come pre-installed with heat sensors that are able warn personnel with sound alarms in the event of fire.