Sunday, August 31, 2014

New Camera Straps Made Of Leather and Alpaca Wool by Cecilia Gallery

Cecilia Gallery makes leather and alpaca wool camera straps, and showcases photographic mini-series. Here are a few of the straps:

Working closely with a family leather business that has been around since 1803, Cecilia’s leather is of the highest quality. The leather selected for the straps is full-grain Argentinian cowhide. The tanning process gives the leather its supple feel, deep color, and traditional aroma, and its full-grain structure provides strength and durability. The hides are finished in the USA with surface treatments that further protect the leather.

The traditional Peruvian textiles are handwoven with techniques that have been passed down over centuries and generations. Alpaca fiber is one of the finest and rarest in the world. The fiber is sheared and spun into wool from Peruvian alpacas and woven with traditional backstrap loom techniques that have been practiced for centuries.

The ends of the straps are reinforced with precision-engineered nylon webbing. They have been professionally tested for strength and durability.

Traditions maintaining relevance while evolving is a theme of Cecilia’s. During a trip to Cusco, Peru in 2011, Michael Fleisch crossed paths with a woman selling handwoven alpaca wool belts. He decided to combine the belt with leather in order to make a camera strap. Michael showed the strap to friend and now business partner, MacLean Fisher, who encouraged him to perfect the design and take the straps to market.

In early 2013, Cecilia Gallery incorporated and Michael and MacLean hope to continue making products that support cultures and creativity. In conjunction with their straps, they encourage photographers to send photographic mini-series, which can be viewed here:

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