Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Nela Pandzic - 5 things I love about Film

Nela Pandzic is a Montenegrin film photographer, based-in Herceg Novi. She studied photography in Novi Sad, Serbia but felt in love with analogue photography many before. "My first camera was an ordinary camera with film and that's where they all began."

Nela shoots on film only and loves to shoot people and nature, especially women and women's body parts. Hereafter are some reasons that make her still love shooting film.

1. Analogue photography depends completely on you. It is my art work with all mistakes. Which very often give the photo a special feeling. I love it, when that happens. And there is no delete button.

2. I love black and white photography, especially. Playing with shadows and contrast. Each photo tells the story.

3. Excitement. When taking the film to develop, and then see results for the first time. I think about every photo and every moment, light, exposure. No pressure. Waiting for the right moment.  And I look beauty in everything.

4. Special atmosphere (I really love that). Colors are unique . You feel harmony, silence, nostalgia, melancholy...

5. Film photos are more natural than digital, you really believe in them, you feel  atmosphere. For me analogue photography really is magical. And I love to create magic, and be a part of it. That makes me happy.

See more of her work at her photostream on Flickr.

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