Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Making Anamorphic Pinhole Camera with Siim Vahur

Siim Vahur is a film photographer, camera builder and camera collector based-in Tallinn, Estonia. He has been shooting film consistently for about 15 years "and really it's just because I love beautiful things, including all those heavy and shiny cameras," he said in an interview with Kodak 1000 Words Blog. "I especially love using unique lenses that give me real feelings with real film. Shooting film is about thinking first – not just point and shoot!"

As a mad collector he got plenty of 35mm cameras, some of his favorite cameras are Voigtländer Super Wide-Heliar 4.5/15mm with his 78 year old Leica III, Canon Canonet QL17 G-III, Horizont, Fujica Drive. And from his collection of 120, it's some simple boxes like Brownie No.2, Daci box, Seagull 4B and Arax 60 MLU (+Zeiss lenses).

His collection habit has even made he created cameras of his own. One of them is an amazing self-made anamorphic pinhole camera. And here is how he made this pinhole camera through pictures. The pictures pretty much do the talking.

Here are some of the final samples:

Check out more of his amazing work on his website, Tumblr and Flickr.

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  1. Well, a lot of hard and professional work to achieve pointless results of terrible negatives :). Although, congratulations for serious and very solid approach.

  2. Absolutely perfect idea for ruining negative. Results are not even slightly interesting. Well maybe next step will be exposing rolls of negatives to strong x-rays to make it even more unusable.
    I understand that there are some ideas of making effects on negatives that someone may be fond of, like redscale, but this attempt is simply utterly useless.