Friday, August 8, 2014

Justin Tan-Torres - 5 things I love about Film

Justin Tan-Torres is an Australian film photographer, based-in Perth. He's been shooting film for about 1 year and half after a time interval using digital. "I started off with black and white but now experimenting with colour. I am just about to try some slide film and I am really excited".

Justin shoots mostly with film now and here are 5 things he loves about film.

1. Imperfection. Film has an innate quality to make mistakes and grain beautiful.

2. Surprise. Not seeing your roll for awhile brings such joy when you have forgotten about the images. Oh and when you get no.37 out of 36 exposures, awesome feel.

3. Feel. I find film captures an emotion, the spirit of the place,  rather than just a reproduction of the scene.

4. Consideration. Greater care is taken when shooting. I hate when people say film is expensive. Yes it maybe but only when you compare it to digital. Making art is not free.

5. Difficulty. When I first started photography, my knowledge of software made things somewhat easy create an image that was striking. Processing the hell out of it. Diving into film that all changed. You appreciate the skill, vision and mastery of the pioneers of the medium, creating such beautiful images without the aid of technology.

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