Sunday, August 17, 2014

Interview with Caroline Sauvage

Caroline Sauvage, a 26 year-old French film photographer based-in Lille, is also a bike-o-holic graphic designer. She started shooting film for one and a half year ago after using a DSLR camera for many years.

Caroline, also known as Hello i'm Wild ! on Flickr, who was featured 2 times on our website with her beautiful film photos would like to share with us her photography experience in an interview.

_ Hi Caroline, can you introduce more about you?
Hi! I'm Caroline, 26 years old, analogue lover and bike-o-holic graphic designer from France. I work at home with my lover in the north of the country, but I often go hiking in the Alps where I am from, and which is my favorite place to recharge my batteries and taking pictures.

_ How long have you been into photography, and why choose film?
I first started taking pictures with a DSLR camera when I was 16 years old. I played guitar in a metal band and took lots of pictures of my friends concerts. After using a DSLR camera for many years, I wanted to change my way of taking pictures and experiment something different that would give me more fun & surprise. Analogue photography, that attracted me for several years, seemed to be the perfect way. So, I bought a Canon AE-1 program one year and half ago, shot my first film, and instantly fell in love with analogue photography. It's so real and unique. It makes me better and teaches me to be patient. The results are so naturally beautiful that I don't need to edit my pictures on photoshop, and since I spend my days working glued to a computer, this is a strong argument.

_ Are you currently working on any projects ?
I'm not currently working on a particular project. My lover and I just bought a motorbike to explore our country with our backpacks and my film cameras, and we are very excited to begin our adventures with them. I'll also have the chance to discover Iceland very soon, this is a childhood dream that will come true. And recently, I found the camera of my dream in exceptional condition on the internet (the fabulous Hasselblad 501CM) which will finally allow me to try medium format. In short, I just want to continue to wander the world with my cameras.

_ What does photography mean to you ?
It's a way of life, simply the best way to express myself and capture my happy memories. Some people are painting, drawing, dancing, making videos.. I need my cameras to communicate with the world and share my happiness. Nothing makes me happier than taking pictures during a hike in a beautiful place, it makes me feeling good.

_ What gives you inspiration ?
My inspiration simply comes from my everyday life. I love photographing simple things that make me happy. When I see or do something I love, I'm capturing it and I'm trying to make it as beautiful as I see it. My Flickr gallery is a photography diary I made over my life and my experiences.

_ Is there any advice you can give to new analogue shooters ?
Stop looking and start seeing. Don't be afraid to fail, If you are not satisfied, try again. Photographing what you love and do it often.

Caroline, thank you for the interview!

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