Thursday, August 28, 2014

Instant Portrait Film Photography by Denis Peaudeau

Denis Peaudeau is a French film photographer, based-in Rennes. He learned black and white film photography in 2004 and had a chance to process films at home when a friend gave him his lab equipment.

"I started using Polaroid in 2006, just before the production stopped: I bought a SX-70 and some SX-70 Blend films on Unsaleabled website...That's how I've caught the virus of instant film, but I started using Polaroid for portrait photography only 2 years ago." He says.

Denis often shoots everything with his Polaroid but mostly portrait. "Using Polaroid need to be patient, to think before shooting because of the price of the film. But that's what I like : "make" pictures, instead of "take" pictures, think about what you want to do before to press the shutter, not after. That's my philosophy." He adds.

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