Saturday, August 16, 2014

I Hate Digital!

Do you still use film? Do you value quality over instant gratification? Are you in your Twenties but feel like an oldtimer? Are you skilled enough to take a successful photo without seeing it right away? Do people make fun of you for using film and you become irate? Do you LOATHE the sight of pixels? Do you use a camera that is 20+ years old? Do you like "the classics" in photography? Do you think digital and photoshop hurt the authenticity of photography? So join "I Hate Digital!" group on Flickr if you answered yes to any or all of these questions.

Slides by po-pad

your daydream by Fabienne Lin

(The Men Don't Know But The Little Girls Understand) by Robbie McIntosh

Hi people! by Anton Novoselov

* by Lucaebbasta

The First Evening by the River by Toffee Maky

untitled by The Art of Feeling

r a i n by -MRGT

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