Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cocktail Red Passion: Another Techniques to Make Reddish Tones in Your Photos

Here's another dishwashed film techniques by Italian photographer Simone Savo to add effects to your photos. He called this experiment the Cocktail Red Passion because “while I was preparing the film soup, I noticed this intense red color that you just saw.” Be patient enough and follow these quick tips to find out how he manipulated his film to achieve reddish tones in his photos.

Here’s what you’ll need:
  • A roll of film
  • Drinking glass
  • Warm water
  • A spoonful of Gin
  • Two tablespoons of Alkermes (the liquor that is used for cakes)
  • A couple of Brioschi effervescent granules or similar products

1. First off, pour warm water into the glass. Fill half of the glass.
2. Now pour the liquor next in this order: one tablespoon of gin and two tablespoons of Alkermes.

3. Without mixing the contents of the glass, we then put in the roll.

4. Now let’s take a few grains of the digestive (Brioschi) and pour it into the glass. Thanks to the lukewarm water, the solution will begin to make small bubbles. Pour 4 or 5 other grains and let it rest for three days.

After three days, remove the film from the liquid and wait for the roll to dry.

Notes: The cocktail that remains in the glass should be discarded and must not be drunk.

Drying the film

We can choose 2 ways to do this:

The simplest but also the longest is that of leaving the film to dry on its own (on average it takes a couple of weeks).

For a faster drying process, we will have to remove the film from the roll. In this case, the whole procedure must be carried out in complete darkness, or else we run the risk of burning the emulsion with light. Obviously when you’re drying the film, it’s good to always do it in the dark. We have to rewind it and leave a little piece of the leader to insert it into the camera.

Regardless of the drying technique you use, the results will still be the same. You just have to put our roll in the camera and start shooting and wait for the results from the lab.

Here are some of sample photos:

As you can see the effect is very special. The dominant colors are purple/red.

Please don’t forget to share your results with us after you try it!

(Photos and techniques by Simone Savo, aka simonesavo, via Lomography)

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