Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Boats under Sunlight

Sunlight of dawn or dusk with a small boat on the sea, a river or a lake will create a very romantic and poetic painting. It's a rare moment that not easy to catch in many places.

After some stunning analogue images of "boats under sunlight" can make you attracted.

West Shore at Dusk by Patrick J. McCormack

Waikiki sunset by sonofwalrus

Across the River of Light by Purple Field

Some destination... by Lane #51

Rainy Sunset of Boat Course by huzu1959

Bình Minh Hòn Rớ by Dương Hài Cốt

Expired Hazy Sunset by Keith Marshall

Fishin by Nicholas_Luvaul

Sail into Sea with Sunset by nicoyangjie

Ganges Sunrise by bomobob

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