Friday, August 22, 2014

Beautiful Photos by Kodak Professional BW400CN Film

As we all know Kodak BW400CN, one of the best black and white films, has been discontinued and this was really a shock to all photographers generally and film lovers particularly. To think of this film, we would like to recommend some beautiful moments which were shot with Kodak BW400CN film.

Let's see and keep them as our beautiful memories.

Playtime by Michael Andrew Dawson

Too busy to dance by bornheim.mitte

Last light over the South China Sea. by ndnbrunei

Untitled by AV4TAr

Untitled by Michio Endo

Musicians and sport by DeusXFlorida (5,771,445 views)

LOCAL / GONZO TRACK by koitalow

Klasse_S_Yokohama_20110828_10 by Jun Takeuchi

img305 by Hell62_Trbs

After the game (Film version) by Lepidoptorologic beauty*

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