Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beautiful Analogue Photos of Vietnam by Buster Adams

Buster Adams is a 28 year-old French film photographer, based-in Paris but originated from Vietnam. His father was born in Vietnam and "even if I don’t have family living there anymore, it was important to me to discover this country."

Buster who was featured on our website 2 times got first into photography at 13 with his father's Olympus OM10 camera and has shot on film only still now. Today he would like to share with us some analogue photos in his album "Vietnam.Je suis un touriste." on Flickr with his emotional words about this beautiful country.

"I started to travel late, and even if I went around europe, Vietnam was my first big travel. Vietnam being the first Asian country I went to meant a lot to me. After 50 years in France my dad never return to Vietnam before. We went together, crossing the country from south to north, from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city now) to Hanoi.

We landed in Saigon stayed a few days, been on the Mekong, in Dalat, flew to Danang, stayed in Hoian, Hue, and then Hanoi.

It was weird to me, because I was a perfect tourist, but still I felt something I’ve always looked for somehow in myself. Because I grew up in France, felt French, but not just-French. Identity is a curious thing, and I didn’t want to take pictures as a tourist, I wanted to find out what moves me in this country, and culture."

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