Friday, August 22, 2014

Awesome Portrait Film Photography by Fatih Alkan

Fatih Alkan, a Turkish film photographer, is also an industrial designer based-in Istanbul. He graduated from the Karadeniz Technical University Engineering Faculty and finished a MBA degree from the Maltepe University in 2009. He first acquainted with photography while working in an industrial design company. At the beginning of his photography career, he was interested in digital. However, later on he developed a special interest in analogue cameras and put the digital ones aside. Since that time he has been shooting with analogue cameras. In 2013, he opened his first personal exhibition in X-ist gallery in Istanbul.

Fatih, also known as prosthesisbrain on Flickr, currently still has been working in an industrial design and consultancy firm and shooting on film only with a story-fiction-cinema perspective. His photos are often about people in the grisly scenes and make viewers breathlessly follow.

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