Saturday, July 5, 2014

Walking in the Rain

"Feels like I'm walking in the rain
 I find myself trying to wash away the pain
 'Cause I need you to give me some shelter
 'Cause I'm fading away and baby, I'm walking in the rain"
- A1
Hereunder are some beautiful analogue photos of "walking in the rain".

Amy and Thona by patrickjoust

Untitled by Kevin_Morris

Untitled by  رُبَى | Ruba , [ AWAY ]

Magic Day End, v2 by Omaikane

Their own kind of sunset by Foldable Human

rainy by Luc..

Walking to school by

Photo24_24 by Nicky.lew

Separation. by (Loli)

I've always loved walking in the rain by Dan Bachmann

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