Monday, July 7, 2014

The 12:12 Men Instant Photography Project

Many of you might know The 12:12 Project which was started by Tennessee based film photographer Penny Felts last year. She already connected to a worldwide pool of instant film photographers. Felts invited and selected 11 women photographers whose work she respected and admired to participate on her project. This time around she reached a little farther and put together 11 men from as far around the world as she could find. The 12 "man" is Penny herself because she wants to challenge herself "to think like a man and shoot differently." You can follow the 12:12 Men project on their Facebook page to see their newest amazing work.
"Every month each photographer chooses a theme, one that challenges each other, pushes each artist out of their comfort zone, and generates creative photographic responses to powerful thought starters. This page is dedicated to the unique results generated from each of the artists in the group. Once the project is finished, a published book and a touring worldwide exhibition will allow these interpretations to be seen by all." - The 12:12 Men Project.
Here's the list of The 12.12 Men project's photographers: Philippe Bourgoin / Peter McCabe / Bastian Kalous / Owen Patrick / Thomas Zamolo / Gabriele Cappello / Francisco Chavira / Susumu Kohda / Lukas Brinkmann / Alberto Polo Ianez / Miky Arsenjev / Penny Felts

(via Snap It See It)

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