Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Roxanna Kehew - 5 things I love about Film

Roxanna Kehew, a 20 year-old American photographer, is a student based-in North Carolina. She uses the Pentax ME Super as her main film camera. Besides photography, Roxanna is also a painter, classical guitar player, and a poetry writer.

"I can't say I've always shot with film camera, but I can say that I've grown more and more into it these months and it's because of the five reasons below." She shares.

1. The bittersweet anticipation of knowing my film being developed gives me great excitement and imagination of how I think my film will turn out. Even there's a mistake in the picture, it's a great surprise and mostly worth keeping.

2. When a fresh, new roll of film is in my hand, it gives me excitement and happiness of the new adventures and dressing up to come.

3. Shooting in natural light (in the sense of sunlight peeking in the room or sometimes no sun at all) is something I prefer and love. I think the natural light gives more emotions to a picture. The natural lighting makes beautiful shapes as it seeps in, sometimes penetrating the lace curtain. And with that beautifully decorating a room, it's simple to step right in it and be embraced by the light. Then, one, two, three, shoot!

4. These days, I like doing a photo shoot in my very home. In the future, I will explore outdoors with my camera in hand again, but for now, I contently like experimenting at home. People's faces or a part of their body is a work of art to me. I like to study and learn from them and show them their kind of personality on film.

5. Lastly, in my opinion, the difference with shooting with analog and digital is film, like I said the first time, it gives one a sweet anticipation as their film's being developed. And, I also think that film to me possesses a sensitive feeling when I'm shooting around. With this in mind, I find it difficult to show to people what I'm feeling, so the picture exposes this. And with digital, everything's there, all jumbled up. When you download the photo in your computer, you firstly edit it, but with film, I needn't edit anything about it. Everything's put in beautifully!

See more of her work at her photostream on Flickr.

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