Sunday, July 20, 2014

Portrait Film Photography by Michelle Rae

Michelle Rae, an American portrait film photographer based-in Los Angeles, CA., is a writer for ThePhoblographer. She started to shoot with a digital camera but after that "I deviated to film because I felt that I needed to learn the core of photography, the art of capturing light, and I was disillusioned by the fact that a few of people I knew shoot digital on auto and just make photoshop everything else."

Michelle loves travelling so much and shoots mostly people because "I love capturing this sense of carefreeness, this feeling of being free that I think is innate in all of us, no matter how old we are or how stressful our lives get." She says.

"My starter film camera was a Diana toy camera, which I still very much love because of its dreaminess and its vignetting, and because it's limited settings makes me really think more about each shot, otherwise it won't turn out great. These days, my go-to format is still the medium square format but I shoot with my time-tested faves - Mamiya, Yashica, and Kiev." She continues.

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