Saturday, July 26, 2014

Pinolga - A Beautiful DIY Pinhole Holga-style Camera Made Out of Cardboard

Pinolga is a beautiful DIY pinhole camera made of cardboard and in the likeness of the legendary Holga camera. The camera made by Raymundo Panduro from Pixel Análogo and accepts rolls of medium film like other medium format cameras.

“It all started with the love that I have for film photography,” he says. “Lomography is so far the only place where I feel happy to still find film; even though it is very difficult to find new film in my city, I was able to find ways to get Lomography film. With this I can say that I have found an interesting way to share what I love, and that is pinhole photography.”

“I saw a lot of people who have cut the lenses of their Holga cameras to convert it to a pinhole camera. It’s very interesting but I find it complicated to get a new Holga camera here in Mexico, so I had 2 options: get a pinhole Holga camera or create my own one that I call the Pinolga camera.”

For the pinhole fanatics, the camera has an f-stop of about F/177 – F/180 and focal length of about 55mm. Below are some sample photos were taken with the Pinolga camera.

(Pixel Análogo, via Lomography)

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