Friday, July 4, 2014

Minh Hy - 5 things I love about Film

Minh Hy is a 31 year-old Vietnamese film photographer, based-in Saigon. He's been shooting film for 2 years since "I would love to record moments of life around me" and it has become his personal hobby.

There are many reasons that made Minh Hy love shooting film and below are 5 most important things:

1. The film camera itself. It's cheap compare with a digital one. However, the design is classical and beautiful. It seems that camera designers in the past have done their job very well so that many camera companies nowadays try to produce digital cameras with classical look (Fuji, Nikon). The metal body bring weight and firmness to the camera, it made me strongly feel the camera in my hands just like I'm holding a good "gun" to shoot. Especially, its operation is mostly manual, which can last for decades and the accuracy can be compare with famous Swiss watches. I just love to have a transparent camera to see how it works inside whenever I take a photo. At the moment I have tried Yashica 35 GS, Canon QL GIII, Nikon FM but I still stick with my first Pentax K1000 for most of my shots . I was addicted with its shutter sound.

2. Looking through the viewfinder. Instead of the LCD, looking through the viewfinder when shooting film interests me a lot. It likes watching a movie of life in front of your eyes. When you turn the ring on the lens, things become clear or blur depend on what you want to focus. And you are the one to define what is important that you want to "make it time-freeze" by a click. For me, looking through the viewfinder is much more lively than digital screen.

3. The aging time. Usually, it takes at least 2 months before I have my films developed. I call it "aging time" that help me to nurture my interest for shooting film. I realize that when I don't urge myself to see the photos immediately, sometimes I forgot what I have taken with my camera, and the results come out surprise or remind me when going through. Most of the time, my photos are not good due to limited view and skills, only few of them are ok. Therefore, by using "aging time", I keep myself from being bored and disappointed with the results. And I keep shooting and wait until next developing time.

4. Film effect on photos. The digital camera bring very sharp effect on the photos, but I see that photos taken with film produce more lively results with its true color and 3D shapes.

5. Treasure each moment. Since practicing street photography with film, I learn to treasure each moment I encounter and each shot that I have taken. I really enjoy the feeling after each time I click the shutter.

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