Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mike Kumagai - 5 things I love about Film

Mike Kumagai, a 26 year-old film photographer, is a filmmaker from Auckland, New Zealand. "Although photography is all around me, I've only recently starting shooting with 35 mm about 6 months."

Mike, also a push-processing lover, uses a Pentax Spotmatic II camera as his main equipment and now he will share with us 5 things he loves about film photography.

1. We can frame reality as if it were 'honest'. Of course, nothing in and of itself is honest, but we can make it seem that way.

2. Film has the unique ability to produce sensations of everything and nothing - even at the same time.

3. Film can transform moments of spastic carnage into moments of clarity, thought and intent.

4. Film plays trickery with what's perceived as 'real': is it actually more real than digital? We're all just taking pictures of things - it's the perceptions of fragility, immortality and nostalgia.

5. How can you not?

See more of his work at his Tumblr

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